Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Are there cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, let’s find out. It’s almost mid-February, and you may be worried about spending on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re months into your relationship or you’ve probably been married for years, Valentine’s Day is one celebration that may seem demanding and require a lot of finance.

Although many people are still trying to recover from the previous festive season’s expenses in December, they also want to make sure their partner feel loved and valued this Valentine and could spend on things they can’t afford in the process.

However, there are several ways to say ‘I love you’ without giving in to the commercial hysteria or having to make a dinner reservation months in advance. Whether you’re arranging a romantic date with that particular person, enjoying yourself, or even celebrating with a group of friends, here are cheap ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without blowing up your wallet.

1. Organize a Cheap feast at home

Many persons want to visit a luxury hotel or spend money in a resultant with exquisite dishes to make Valentine’s Day special. But since not everyone can afford such, how about opting for some good comfort snacks or assembling an array of all your partners’ favorite go-to junk foods. Try to figure out what they enjoy beforehand; maybe McDonald’s fries or a Dominos pizza special. Organizing a small feast at home isn’t just one of the cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also a way to show you know what makes them happy.

2. Rewrite the lyrics to any of their favorite songs, then sing for them

Okay, maybe you aren’t a good singer, and your voice isn’t getting you a recording deal anytime soon. Singing for your partner is a romantic way to express how much you love her. It is super creative and is also something cute to laugh about and have fun with. And since you wouldn’t be paying her any money to listen to your song, also consider this one of the cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

3. Write love letters

If your partner can’t get enough words of encouragement, sometimes what it takes for a great and unforgettable date is the act of showing them just how you feel about them. For a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration, either after doing a favorite walk, spending time in the forest, or doing something else together, you both enjoy; write a long love letter to your partner and presenting it to them.

You can also spice up your Valentine’s Day experience with hidden love letters. Take some paper and write down all the things you love and admire about your love affair. Then fill as many rolled-up notes into as many empty balloons as you want. Blow them up and scatter them out across the room. The balloons will only look like Valentine’s Day decorations at first sight, but once you ask him to pop them, your little love-note surprises he will waiting uphold.

Another way to make this more intimate and interesting is to write this letter on the pages of a leather-bound notebook and pledge to write another letter in the same notebook next Valentine’s Day. This is a way of holding a record for years to come of your friendship. The trick here is to take the time to write down just how you feel and work it through the day, and by pledging to do the same next year, you indirectly assure them you’re willing to stay with them for the long term. It costs little, but it has an immense impact.

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4. Make Valentine’s Day Timeline

Highlight your entire favorite past moments together. Print out your favorite photos from moments you’ve shared, and write down all the details you can remember of each event on the back. Try to remember as much as possible, as it helps you both look back on all the good times you’ve shared. Arrange them in order and discuss your favorite moments with your partner.

5. Chill at home

Amid busy lives and commitments, couples merely get to spend time together. Maybe you both have to work on conflicting shifts, have to get up early, and come home late. In such cases, keeping things lowkey and easygoing is one of the best and cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not only does it give you indoor time to put the house in order, unwind, and spend time together, but it also saves you from unnecessary spending.

Staying at home doesn’t mean that you can’t make Valentine’s Day memorable. You can set up an at-home spa night or get creative and enjoy the company of each other. It would be the ideal at-home, money-saving celebration for couples and groups of singles alike to schedule something fun like a game night.

6. Make their life easier

The best way to build a date that will be cherished and enjoyed by your particular person for weeks to come is to carry out activities that will make their lives simpler. If your love is all about gestures of service, your partner would feel the impact. Consider looking for something that will make your partner’s life more comfortable, such as helping to clean up their garden or helping them with a pressing chore.

One way to give your partner an additional Valentine’s Day present is to identify your partner’s favorite room and give it a facelift or include another feature if you’re financially capable. You can unveil your surprise on Valentine’s Day and balance it with their favorite takeout, special playlist, and a little gift. Making your partner’s life more go smoothly is one of the cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it requires more service and less spending.

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7. Check for free local events

If you live in a big or small town, there are bound to be many free activities available to families, singles, and any status in between on Valentine’s Day. To locate gatherings, check out community newsletters, public Networking meetings, and even the local blog.

If your partner is interested in arts and cultures, you may want to check out some open cultural areas such as libraries, bookstores, museums, and colleges also have free activities and can be enjoyable sites for listening to a guest speaker or taking part in a musical performance for an evening together.

You can even lookup local musical shows and bands that would be performing on Valentine’s Day, they are mostly free or sometimes only require you to buy a drink

8. Have a Backyard Glamping Night

You will be shocked by how easy it is to replicate glamping with almost no money in your backyard. The feeling is much more incredible if you have a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace. Set up some chairs in the backyard with the most comfortable blankets you can afford, a champagne bucket, and hang twinkle lights.

Put out a new pair of slippers if you want to give a small gift). To add to the ambiance, you can play some romantic music or a black-and-white movie. Look at the stars, make marshmallows, and make yourself warm to finish the evening together.

9. Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed has been a special treat that never grows old. This is a good one, especially if you’re in a busy season at work. Wake up earlier and spend an hour or so preparing something nice for your partner before you start the day.

However, if you missed your early morning alarm and cannot meet up with your romantic dish, you can also create time to prepare a meal with your partner if you both have the whole day at home. This also serves as a great way to unwind after a long and stressful week and gives you both the opportunity to share the quality time you may not always get together.

10. Create a Scrapbook together

Some couples have a collection of old shoe boxes or files in the back of a wardrobe or drawer that haphazardly store their relationship memories. They contain items like stubs for old movies, pictures, love letters, and other mementos.

However, as unique as these keepsakes are, once they’re kept in these kinds of locations, it’s all too easy to throw them accidentally. As a couple, you both can enjoy an evening together, crafty and unexpectedly sweet, digging through all of these love memories and having them in one place that you can conveniently reach and keep secure.

For the occasion, you could make some fancy drinks and a home-cooked meal or break a bottle of wine and take out some while you go through the documents, pictures, and other information and organize them. The great thing is that at the end of it, you can have a love memento that you can quickly go through (or even better, add to) for forthcoming Valentine’s Day.


Like most other festive seasons, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, and, understandably, you want to make the best out of it. However, it is essential to recognize that making your loved one feel special doesn’t depend on how much you put into a gift or a date.

Little things like sincerely saying “I love you,” a passionate kiss, and hugs also matter and shouldn’t be taken for granted. You can combine one or more ideas in this article to make your Valentine’s Day experience memorable and save yourself some money. Just make sure you enjoy the moment and put in your sincere best into whatever you do on Valentine’s Day.

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