Best Podcast Software in 2021

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The best podcast software isn’t necessarily the most expensive but the most effective. You’ll need to ensure your podcast is polished and professional if your aim is to convert first-time listeners into regulars audiences. And that begins with the right tools for creating engaging podcast sessions. There’s so much the right software can do for you, including shortening the editing time, helping you create a more personalized podcast, integrating your favorite plugins, and finally materializing the podcast you’ve dreamed of.

We analyzed a good number of podcast app platforms to get the best 3. Aspects we considered here include functionality, ease of use, and price.

The 3 Best Podcast Software to try in 2021

Here are the 3 best podcast software to try now:

Best Podcast software (Overall)Auphonic

Due to its affordable pricing structure, its usability for newbies, as well as its automatic audio enhancement features that seasoned podcasters can appreciate, Auphonic ranks best overall.


  • Free upload hours every month
  • It has a free and an affordable option
  • User-friendly
  • Web-based software


  • Advanced features for this software need to be purchased
  • Users are not allowed absolute control over the files
  • The Auphonic desktop version does not have all features

Auphonic provides a wealth of built-in features, potentially saving a lot of editing time for you. You will appreciate why Auphonic holds the award for best overall podcast program when you combine these features with an easy-to-use interface for novice podcasters and lower prices than their rivals.

Podcast software
Podcaster using a podcast software

For less than $100 per month for all of its pricing options, including a free option of two hours of audio each month, both Mac and Windows users can get access to a wide range of advanced editing features for a fraction of the cost of some other programs. For a fixed amount, users can also purchase a set number of processed audio hours. For five hours of processed audio, they start at $12 and go up to $150 for 100 hours. 

Without having years of sound engineering experience, Auphonic’s AI-based audio algorithms make you sound like a pro. The software is very user-friendly and mostly automatic, built for podcasters, radio personalities, reporters, movies, and screencasts. All you have should do is upload your registered files, and most of the job will be handled by the app. It will independently identify voices and music and independently process each of the sounds identified to maximize the final output.

Best Free Podcast Software Option: Audacity

The most successful online podcast program is, without doubt, Audacity. It has been used for years by podcasters and, thanks to its functionality and simple editing options, it is still on top for us as the best free podcast app.


  • It’s free to use
  • Works great with all operating systems
  • It supports almost all audio file formats
  • Has all the effects to create podcasts


  • Cannot upload straight to a podcast hosting platform
  • Somewhere outdated interface
  • No advanced editing features
  • No mobile app

Audacity comes with all the standard features a podcaster will need to record and edit an audio file, making it the best free podcast app, although its interface can look a little outdated. It is Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible and is regularly modified to work with the new versions of these operating systems so that users can experience the full benefits of the program. 

Podcast software
Podcast software running on computer screen.

Best Podcast Software for Beginners: Alitu

Alitu was developed to create a podcast with little to no technical skills for users, making it our best option. Since it does most a bulk of the job on its own, it also takes almost no effort to use Alitu, making it easy to use with any level of podcast expertise.


  • Almost entirely automated
  • Can record podcasts anywhere
  • No need for a desktop or mobile app


  • Only for brief recordings
  • Browser apps are unreliable
  • Audio quality problems

As it’s so easy to use, Alitu won us over as the best for beginner podcasters. Users can upload an audio file easily, and Alitu will take the raw audio and do everything for them, from volume leveling to recording cleanup.

It costs $28 a month or $280 a year, and it can be used by Mac, Windows, and Linux users alike because it is a web-based program.

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