10 Best Tips For Working Remotely

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The current global crisis has several employees in many organizations working remotely. It is a dream come true for people who prefer freedom and flexibility but can also be odd for extroverts. Transforming your living space into a workstation may never have been on the menu, but whatever the case, it is essential to know some of the best tips for working remotely.

Whether you are nervous or looking forward to working from home, there are some setbacks that you may encounter as you try to settle into the recent work change. Since this is the new norm, below are the best tips for working remotely to help make your work experience a lot more productive and less stressful.


working remotely

Organize your workspace

The fastest and easiest way to accept the work change is by designating and organizing a preferred workplace. It could be a spare bedroom, a home office, and depending on your home, an area that provides privacy. It helps to select a location that offers plenty of natural light and fresh air.

You may also want to consider your workspace background should the need for video calls come up. Ensure that you have the right set of equipment as this would help to improve productivity and efficiency. This includes a desk or table, an ergonomic chair, bright lights, office supplies, a high-speed Internet connection, and a computer supporting video calls.

You may also want to include potted plants, family photos, or scented candles. The goal is to make sure you are comfortable working remotely.


Set boundaries

You must make setting boundaries a priority when you’ve picked a workspace. This is so your kids, spouse, or pets know where not to go, especially if you are not present. You may want to consider not having them around during work-time.

If you are lucky, your workspace may have a door or curtain that remains closed, so they know you are busy. You can also have precise but straightforward signals that indicate you don’t want to be disturbed during work-time.

Don’t forget to look good

Working remotely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on good clothes or look your best. Don’t go about work on your pajamas or boxer shorts. Maintaining a hint of professionalism is vital, and it helps if you start by dressing the way you would when going to work in the office. Your brain automatically responds to you dressing appropriately as work time and not relax time or sleep time when you are still in your PJs.


Maintain a concise routine

It is general knowledge that we get more productive when we follow a structure. Design a work schedule that you would be comfortable with and stick to it. Wake up and work at precisely the time that you designated for work.

Many people are very active in the morning; this means you should do all you can early if you fall into this category. Treat weekdays as you’ve always done and try not to get distracted.

Develop a schedule for your children

It is necessary to keep things organized if you have children present at home. You will be doing yourself a load of good if you replicate a typical school day’s routine into your new daily activity. This is even more important if you have small children in the picture.

See schedule for children of all ages

You can get work done while they are taking naps or having lunch. It also helps to start early and keep to a routine so your children don’t get confused and stay active when they should either be resting or eating.

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Maintain communication

Working remotely may require that you maintain a consistent line of communication. Frequently communicate with your boss and keep him or her up to date with your work. Spending a few minutes making important office calls can be a good start.

Teleconferences were made for scenarios like this. This helps to improve interactions between you and other people in your organization. Video calls help combat isolation or boredom linked with working from home while improving productivity and team unity. It doesn’t imply that you need to talk to your boss or co-workers all the time, but you must know you are on the same work page with everyone in your company.

There are also online tools that are especially useful and make communicating very easy. Apps like “Slack” and “Asana” not only serves as an efficient social outlet but helps to improve workflow.


Take breaks

It is easy to lose track of time when working from home, which can be challenging. Taking breaks is very important to help take the reins of things. A study showed that almost 90% of the US workforce claimed that taking lunch breaks refreshes them well enough to get back to work.

Since you are not working from your office when co-worker banter is typical, it would help to stretch your legs, have a cup of coffee, maybe play with the kids before going back to work. Also, taking breaks away from your PC is an excellent way to improve your eyes and back muscles’ health.

Engage in creative and physical activities

You can partake in enjoyable activities that don’t require personal interaction. This may include virtual classes that allow you to improve your skills and get more professional certifications.

You may want to enroll in mindfulness sessions on Gaia or tennis classes with professional tennis players. Creative and physical activities can also include gardening, cooking, or pottery. Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure it’s something you would enjoy, and it would get in the way of your work.

Eat healthily

Eating at the right time may be one of many challenges that come with working remotely. Many people settle for junk food when working from home, and this isn’t only unhealthy; it can also lead to a series of physical complications.

It helps to set an alarm if you are the forgetful type. This mobile reminder would alert you at the right time to eat. You only have to ensure that what you are putting into your body is healthy. Avoid junk food as much as possible, and try not to drown yourself in caffeinated drinks.

The takeaway

Several individuals who work remotely get work done even more efficiently than when they had to go to the office. You can rock this same boat just by following the tips mentioned above. Don’t forget to take breaks and recognize you still have a family and have time for yourself.

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