Finding Remote Jobs: A Comprehensive Guide

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Remote jobs are lifesavers, and the recent global health crisis proves that. With millions of workers getting laid off due to the lockdown, many professionals and even newbies had to search for an alternative means to make ends meet. However, not every remote job listing or site you find online offers genuine opportunities that pay reasonably.  A comprehensive guide to finding remote jobs will help you narrow down your job search to the best websites and increase your chances of finding a good remote job.

Where can I find Remote Jobs?

You can find remote jobs on remote job sites. No matter where you are globally, the remote job sites we feature here will help you whether you are a designer, writer, photographer, engineer, virtual assistant, or you render a unique skill set.

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1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the number one place to visit if you want a part-time, freelance, or remote job. Work available on flexjobs is flexible, and the site is easy to navigate with no annoying ads on display. Every job that FlexJobs features is screened, so you have no fear of getting scammed. However, FlexJobs is not entirely free, but you can expect reasonable rates. To get a discount, you may want to linger a bit on the site’s payment screen. FlexJobs has been around for over a decade, and there are good reviews littered all over the web.

2. SolidGigs

If you prefer more gig-styled jobs or contract-based jobs, SolidGigs is the perfect option for you. The gigs listed on Solid Gigs are the best 1% selected from trusted job boards, and they are sent right to you weekly. You get many perks like interviews, a great resource library with courses, scripts, and other useful tools when you pay a month’s subscription. The chances of getting right paying clients are high when you use SolidGigs

3. JustRemote

Finding remote jobs has never been easier than it gets with JustRemote. This remote job site lists hundreds of remote jobs monthly, creating a powerful platform for remote job seekers to get the best jobs. The beauty of JustRemote is that you can find jobs like copywriting, customer service, sales, social media, HR, and much more from all parts of the globe. For only $12 a month, you can access quality remote job listings that no other remote job site features.

4. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is free and very useful if you want remote jobs delivered directly to your inbox. If you can’t stand daily or weekly emails from this site, you can search the site directly for jobs and apply. WN’s remote jobs are usually Design, HR, Legal, and Development, which makes WN a wonderful site for software engineers.

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5. Jobspresso

working remotely

It is amazing how Jobspresso hand-picks every single remote job it features, and reviews them before publishing. The best part of using Jobspresso is that it is free. However, business pay to get their job listings features on top of the page, so you may miss the most recent job listings if you are not patient enough to keep scrolling.

6. Remote.ok

Remote.ok seems to be a fantastic remote job listing site for almost anybody. What I find most fascinating about Remote.ok is how the site displays like rankings for the best companies actively hiring people for remote jobs over the last 12 months. The best remote jobs for designers, marketers, developers, writers, salespeople and even techies are listed on Remote.ok frequently.

7. Outsourcely

Remote jobs

Outsourcely is one of the best options if you need full-time remote jobs. Once you create a profile on this platform for remote jobs, you’ll be right in direct line of sight of top hiring companies seeking long-term relationships rather than just gig-based projects.

8. Remote Jobs Club

If you’re a fresher to the idea of remote jobs being the biggest thing now, then Remote Jobs Club is a friendly and gentle nudge to helping you find good remote jobs!

9. Rise

People say the future is female, and Rise justifies this claim. Designed by women and women, Rise remote job site is the first freelance site dedicated to females looking to start freelancing. There isn’t a better time than today for this site to come around since 60% of employees laid off due to COVID-19 are female.  Get registered and land your dream remote job.

10. Contena

Contena is one of the very first places you can get freelance writing gigs. Whether you are a copywriter or blog writer, you can get great remote jobs from contena. Visit the site’s homepage to find some of the top offers right away.

Why Should I Work Remotely?

You should work remotely for many reasons. Some of the reasons at the top of the list include the following:

  • Flexibility: Remote jobs let you decide your working hours most times
  • Creativity: You become more creative when you work remotely
  • Higher productivity: You are less distracted when you work in a convenient environment
  • Prospect of working for a firm you love: Remote work allows you get a apply for work with firms you admire

What Jobs Can Be Done Remotely?

There are good jobs that you can do remotely regardless of your skill or level of experience. Below are the jobs you can do remotely:

  • Customer Service Jobs
  • Copywriting Jobs
  • Web development
  • Entry-Level Computer Jobs
  • Software development
  • Computer Programming Jobs
  • Sales
  • Designing
  • Teacher & Tutor Jobs
  • Data Entry, Coding, and Transcription Jobs
  • Android, iOS developer
  • Translation Jobs
  • Medical Billing & Coding Jobs

What are High Paying Remote Jobs?

There are tons of remote jobs that pay well. Below is a list of high paying remote jobs:

  • Graphic designer
  • Copywriter
  • Travel agent
  • Application Developer
  • Tutor
  • Freelance writer
  • Software Engineer
  • Medical Writer
  • Sales consultant
  • Registered nurse
  • Accountant
  • Freelance translator
  • Digital marketer
  • Operations manager
  • Technical support engineer
  • Project manager

Can I work From Home With no Experience?

Yes, you can work from home with no experience. If you need a remote job and have no experience, jobs like proofreading, copy editor, data entry, sales representative, transcribing, or even customer service are great options for you.

There is a sky full of reasons why you need a remote job.  The tips in this remote work guide will help you get started. Also, leave any questions you have regarding working remotely, and we will answer you.

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