Best Writing Tools and Software for Copywriters

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Copywriting is the practice of rearranging words to convince a reader to take a specific move, usually a purchase. The text type of salesmanship is a fair summary, but there’s a lot more to it. A copywriter’s copy must go through the following steps to be effective: It all begins with an idea, then analysis and preparation, before finally taking shape on paper (or screen) and undergoing careful proofreading and editing prior to publication.

Finding a place to publish copy is often the first step in the printing process. The copywriters finish his/her work when it has been written. Using these best writing tools and software makes each stage of the process less difficult and, in some instances, more pleasant for the modern copywriter.

Best Writing Tools and Software for Copywriters

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HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

The HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator is a tool that lets you come up with a new blog. The first step in creating interesting and thought-provoking content, as previously mentioned, is to come up with a subject to write about. It can be difficult and easy to find a topic worth addressing in constant and immediate knowledge in today’s world. Difficult since the internet is crammed with finite responses, hypotheses, claims, and stories. All seem to react against the internet.

So, how does one come up with a subject that writers and copywriters haven’t already addressed? This is where things become easy. The availability of instant and continuous information on the internet makes coming up with a discussion topic much more straightforward.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator scans the internet for existing knowledge to help you find and define your topic. Type in a noun (anything from “Interior Design” to “Mobile Technology”) and the generator will provide you with a list of fascinating and well-articulated blog topics to write about.

Discussion Forums

Anyone who has dabbled in copywriting recognizes the significance of writing with the reader in mind. If copywriting aims to engage and convince readers to take action, the writer must first know where to look for them. It can be not easy to decide who, where, and when a person will use the internet to search for any given question, theme, or information at any given time.

The copywriter’s job involves keeping updated on current events and predicting what their readers want to read. Following and monitoring related topics in online discussion groups is a perfect way to connect with future readers of your posts. Reddit can flex its colloquial muscles since it offers a virtual podium for national and international dialogue.

There are threads on almost every subject that encourage all perspectives. If you can’t find a thread important to your topic, start one and invite people to participate. It’s a brilliant way to get into your readers’ heads and gain a detailed understanding of their feelings, desires, and curiosities. Make an impact on the reader with your writing.

Headline Analyzer

A lot of time and effort has gone into discovering and creating a subject to write about. It’s time to consider how you’ll draw the reader’s attention to your work. The best headlines are captivating, topical, and imaginative. They are responsible for moving traffic, shares, and search results. It’s an integral aspect of copywriting, and it should take advantage of any assistance it can receive.

The Headline Analyzer tool generates a numerical estimate of your headline’s effectiveness. It explores the headline’s overall structure, syntax, and readability. A comparative analysis of these variables will show what parts of your headline function well and where they could be strengthened.

It shows you how your headline will appear as an email subject line, as well as some helpful hints on how to tweak it for the best headline for your copy. So, even though you think you’ve written the perfect headline, run it through Headline Analyzer to see how it stacks up in terms of the word balance.


The ability to write copy with few grammatical errors is a required skill for any writer. Of course, we could all use a little assistance in expediting the process. Grammarly is probably the most user-friendly writing method for identifying several errors. There are some of them:

  • Punctuation and grammar
  • Spell Check
  • Plagiarism\Writing Style

You can start setting your writing goals once you’ve set up your Grammarly account for free. These can be calculated by the following factors: audience, style, emotion, and domain. Grammarly then goes to work on offering perspectives based on these priorities.

Finally, Grammarly’s multiple features make it a writer’s best mate. Grammarly provides another line of defense for experienced native English speakers, as it meticulously picks up on some grammatical and writing style weaknesses.


As a method of salesmanship, copywriting necessitates the precise and effective use of particular terms. Your marketing material can be rendered or destroyed by the right word. Thesaurus will help you find the correct word or phrase to improve your content.

The tool contains a vast number of synonyms and antonyms in multiple ways. Most writers have a “favorite word” that they want to use (or overuse). Thesaurus’ synonym feature indicates hundreds of alternatives.

Hemingway App

Other editing or best writing tools and software can be used in combination with the Hemingway App. Firstly, it can provide comprehensive systemic and formative assistance to your writing. The software uses colour codes to denote particular dysfunctions.

  • Highlights of yellow suggest lengthy and complicated sentences need to be condensed for maximum readability
  • Sentences with red highlights are dense and confusing, and they need to be restructured logically.
  • When you mouse over the purple words, a list of shorter words will appear.
  • Weakening phrases are outlined in blue for quick recognition. Vital phrases will replace them.
  • Green phrases have been shown to make reference to a passive voice.

Furthermore, the app includes metrics on a piece’s reading time. This can be particularly helpful for a copywriter who wants to transmit a clear message in a limited time. When paired with the letter and word count, it aids the writer in remaining concentrated and concise in their writing.

Its standalone software, which you can use online or by installing the app’s desktop version, allows you to format and review your text as you type. There’s also a premium version that will enable you to use this software without connecting to the internet. If you find the internet to be immensely distracting when you’re writing, this is a pleasant touch.


This free browser extension supports On-page access to connect metrics and site analysis tools. A brief look up at the extension bar is all you need for instant metrics when viewing every website if you want to determine the Page Authority or Domain Authority of a site you’re investigating or if you wish to find instant page optimisation information.

The MozBar ought to be present in every copywriter’s workflow so that they can quickly see what might be inhibiting a page’s ability to perform from an on-page, linking, or social perspective. You’ll probably want to see if an audience will be interested in what you have to say before you start writing. You can use keyword analysis to see if you’re on the right track. Use the Mozbar to see the keyword difficulty score for every search phrase immediately. The MozBar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar for on-the-go testing.


A copywriter must generate unique content regularly, and this isn’t limited to the use of terms. To visually improve your copy, use pictures and diagrams. Many people turn to the internet to look for pre-existing photos and maps when they need them. These may do so well, but they necessitate quoting and sourcing, giving an unoriginal appearance.

Canva is one of the best writing tools and software that allows you to create and design your images—using these creative tools to drive your copy to new heights. Customize illustrations, logos, posters, infographics, advertisements, and reports for social media.

Finding a supporting picture that reflects and supports what you’ve written can be challenging at times. Using Canva, optimize your illustrative diagrams to match your copy better.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to store documents in the cloud, where anyone with the necessary permissions can access them from anywhere. It’s ideal for giving clients drafts. You have full control of the content’s shareability at all times.

When it comes to the alternative, Microsoft Word, there is no distinction to be made. You can also open and edit a Microsoft Word document using Google Docs. Plus, you can save your Google Doc as a Word document, which will give it the familiar Word extension. As a copywriter, this feature extends your possibilities for sharing your work. Some clients will demand that documents be delivered in a particular format. You can do everything with Google Docs that includes PDF, HTML, plain text, and Rich Text(RTF).

Whatever niche you work in, getting the right resources will help you craft the best possible copy for your client. So pick among the best writing tools and software listed above and try them out!

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15 Best Writing Tools & Software To Use As a Copywriter in 2021 – solvid

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