15 Best Remote Job Sites

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Many people spend time online searching for the best remote job sites. The global crisis has become a wake-up call, and several individuals are drifting towards jobs that allow them to work remotely. Several remote job sites can help your transition to work from home very easy.

Carefully selected below are the 15 best remote job sites that can help you make some quick cash:

Best remote job sites

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a site developed for freelancers who prefer to work from the comfort of their homes. Rather than apply for open job positions, interested parties can select their desired services. Fiverr makes it easy for clients to have access to freelancers.

The platform is perfect for graphic designers, content writers, copywriters, voice-over artists, transcribers, and many more. Find out more about Fiverr here.

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2. FlexJobs

Since 2007, FlexJobs has consistently maintained its position as one of the best remote job sites. All the jobs provided by the platform are specially selected and delivered by real clients.

FlexJobs makes it on the list of best remote job sites because it provides part-time and full-time freelance gigs and a load of other offers. The platform accommodates over 30,000 jobs with over 5,000 companies.

You can also take advantage of FlexJobs’ resume reviews and career coaching to make your application stand out. You are required to deposit a token with FlexJobs if you are looking for remote jobs, but the prices are quite reasonable.

Once you’ve subscribed, you can get a customized profile with a professional portfolio. You also have the option of setting up daily email job alerts that keep you informed when there are new jobs available.

3. Upwork

Upwork is another fantastic site on this list if you are looking to explore your options. It is considered one of the best remote job sites for freelancers.

You won’t enjoy this site if you are unsure of what line of work you specialize in. Complications may include searching through hundreds of thousands of jobs posted on the site.

4. Freelancer

This is a freelance site that is very common with many freelancers. Freelancer is designed to have remote workers select works displayed on the site. Essentially, it favors both part-time and full-time remote workers.

Jobs on the site are categorized by types. They include data processing, 3D animation, content writing, internet marketing, technical writing, and more. Remote workers would find that Freelancer hosts over 43 million freelancers, making it one of the best remote job sites.

5. It’s A Travel OD

It’s A Travel OD is a website inspired by Andrea Valeria. She is a travel enthusiast who believes people can work remotely and still enjoy themselves touring the world.

The travel site features new jobs that are segmented into separate sectors. These sectors include Customer Service, Transcribing, Writing and Editing, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Virtual Assistants, Education, Tech, and Design. Talk about a website that packs a punch!

6. Angel List

Angel List is on the list of best remote job sites because it not only supports in-house positions, job seekers can also adjust the location that best suits them.

Angel List provides countless jobs for remote workers, and like Upwork, it helps to be sure of what job type you have in mind.

The downside with this site is that it doesn’t categorize gigs by type. Notwithstanding, remote workers can deal with smaller startups. This is great if your expertise is highly sought after because you will contribute a lot in various areas of companies you’d be working with.

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7. We Work Remotely

This is one of the best remote job sites and one of the biggest in the industry. This a great remote job site if you are looking to work remotely for big companies. In the past, well-known companies like Amazon, Google, and Basecamp have placed positions via We Work Remotely.

Interested freelancers would find that they can access the site for free if they don’t want to make any deposit to apply for jobs. The positions provided by We Work Remotely are separated by type. Each specified job opening comes with tags that can help freelancers sort through available positions more accurately.

8. Remote.co

This is one of the best remote job sites that make “working remotely” a piece of cake. Remote.co features several companies from all around the world under the “remote companies” tab. Remote workers worldwide can get freelance jobs by searching through a list of industries that interests them.

Remote.co also has a job board with a list of various job positions.

9. Just Remote

Compare to other job board platforms; Just Remote is different. It is one of the best remote sites because a special algorithm is developed to provide a fantastic user experience. It works by checking online for jobs that are not published elsewhere.

Just Remote easily provides users with unadvertised jobs that you may be interested in. The site also has a responsive resume builder that gives your CV a professional ting.

Users can read through Just Remote’s blog, where they can tip on finding remote jobs, including remote stats, remote work habits, and more.

10. Remotive

Remotive is an online platform that offers remote workers the chance to search for remote works. You can search by “type” or “category” in your specified inquiry.

Don’t forget to sign up for Remotive’s daily mail alert. This ensures that you get notified when there are new job openings available on the site. This resource is one factor that makes this site one of the best remote job sites in the world.

11. Jobspresso

Many big companies, including Yahoo! Finance, and Forbes have their jobs handled by Jobspresso. Even though the site’s interface is a little more complicated than other job sites, you can still get what you need once you get the hang of it.

Jobs on Jobspresso are categorized by type, including design, development, project management, sales, and more. You can find no less than 1,000 job postings from both small and big companies.

12. Remote OK

Probably one of the best remote job sites online, and it features several jobs. The excellent part is Remote OK is updated continuously. To ensure optimal user-experience, Remote OK has job categories to make searching very easy.

Similar to Remotive, you can sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly email notifications. This informs you about new job postings that may interest you.

13. Remote Woman

This platform is perfect for remote workers in search of female-friendly companies. The jobs on Remote Woman are specially selected, and famous companies like GitHub, Wikipedia, Netflix, HubSpot, WordPress, and The New York Times have done business with the platform in the past.

The platform also features podcats that share tricks on how best to remote jobs. Searching for work on Remote Woman is super easy. You can select a category in tune with what interests you and narrow it down.

Signing up for the company’s newsletter is an excellent way to stay updated.

14. Working Nomads

One of the best job sites is Working Nomads. Working Nomads is explicitly designed for those who prefer to work from the comfort of their homes.

Accessing the website is very easy. It generally posts jobs owned by small businesses compared to other job board websites. From health care to system administration to consulting, Working Nomads has what you’re looking for.

15. Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive works by carefully making its selections, most of which are gotten from Fortune 500 companies. As its name spells, the site helps you avoid driving to work by linking you to remote-friendly gigs.

Skip the Drive is highly recommended for entry-level users looking for remote jobs that allow enough flexibility. It also posts positions in virtually all industries.

Working remotely comes with a lot of perks, which include flexibility and freedom. You may want to also read “Finding Remote Jobs: A Comprehensive Guide” to find out more about working remotely.

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