15 Unhealthy Habits to Avoid Before You Hit 30

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As we get older, we realize some unhealthy habits we need to let go of before our mental, social, and financial stances are compromised.

Many of us live our lives getting used to participating in some activities that may not only affect us but latch on to those around us.

They say a fool at 40 is always a fool, but it’s safe to say that the age limit has shifted a decade behind. As we evolve, we must put some things into consideration. This includes making the right decision on habits we intend to adopt, let go of, or avoid.

1. Buying stuff you don’t need

smiling woman with shopping bag and packed goods
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Do you think spending $300 on a pair of jeans is the best move? Many of us buy things on impulse, and this includes things we don’t need. It helps to invest your money in items that would last longer than go for something in vogue.


2. Being too scared to take risks

There is a popular saying, “you never know until you try,” that many people abide by. Not many of us dare to take risks, especially when they include decisions that may affect our lives.

Several young and successful people in the world only succeed by doing what many people wouldn’t. You may want to reconsider your choices if you are in the habit of flaking out on risks.

3. Spending too much time online

This is one unhealthy habit to avoid before you hit 30. Spending too much time online actively participating in things that do not benefit you is a waste of time and energy. This may include dating groups or communities that do not profit you in any way.

You should instead join communities that not only benefit you but also improves your career.

4. Risking your physical health

person smoking cigarette
Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

Some of us assume that smoking, drinking, or using illicit drugs is one way of having fun. This isn’t the case, especially since these substances have adverse effects on our health. Some of the harmful effects of smoking and drinking may include the following:

  • Risk of throat, mouth, esophagus, and larynx cancer
  • Decrease sexual performance
  • Balding and graying
  • Diminishes bone density
  • Increase cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Maximizes the risk of infertility, stillbirth, preterm delivery, and sudden infant death syndrome

There are many other ways to have fun without putting your health at risk.

5. Ignoring your mental health

You should know that your mental health is as important as your physical health. 30 is the age when you should consider what you expose yourself to mostly. You can engage in simple mind-soothing exercises such as yoga and breathing exercises to help you relax and stay clear-headed.

There are many cases of people in their 30s who have to deal with an extensive range of mental complications. It helps if you manage your mental health before you hit 30, so you don’t have to struggle too hard later in life.

6. Keeping too many friends

It is one thing to be social, and it another to expose yourself to unwanted company. Several individuals make bad decisions that are primarily inspired by bad friends. Keeping too many people as friends is one unhealthy habit to avoid before you hit 30.

This doesn’t mean your social life is at risk. All you need do is keep your circle of friends very close and small. This way, you can have people who respect and love you just as you trust and respect them.

7. Not keeping in touch with family

family preparing food in the kitchen
Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

You mustn’t always be available for every family meeting. Many people achieve their dreams and set career goals that they forget to check-in on their dad, mom, siblings, and other close family members.

A simple phone call from time-to-time might be the bridge that closes the gap. Spending few minutes of your time calling (voice or video) may help hold a stronger family bond.


8. Fooling around

Jumping from one partner to another isn’t only risky but wasteful. People who have more than one sexual partner risk exposing themselves to STIs that may affect them forever.

You also don’t want to be tagged as a player or someone who is unserious with relationships. You should strongly consider staying committed to one person.

9. Not saving

Many people believe that money would continue to come no matter how much they spend. Some don’t think it’s essential to save. Many 30-year-olds already have things they want to have their next pay-check spent on before getting paid. There are banks for a reason; to save. It is irresponsible to keep spending without storing some in your savings.

At least 10 percent of your earnings should be kept aside for the bank. Amazingly, there are now programs that allow you to save automatically. You should make saving a habit before you hit 30 if you don’t want to end up being broke later on.

10. Not paying attention to yourself

As we grow older, mommy or daddy stops helping us with our tie, combing our hair, lacing our shoes, or even moisturizing our skin. We become independent, and we prefer to do things ourselves. Over time, some individuals forget the simple rule of hygiene and wonder why others do well to avoid them.

It’s less sensible to go into a public gathering if you reek of sweat while still wearing the same unwashed shirt from last week. Nobody would address you differently than you appear. It would help if you considered having deodorants, perfumes, and healthy organic creams.

Maintain a good hairstyle, care for your face, and shower when you sweat. Don’t just assume no one care how you live your life; you don’t know who might be watching.

11. Talking too much

There are many ways you can negatively present yourself to others, and that includes being talkative. This unhealthy habit should be controlled entirely before 30 hits you or else. There are two ears for a reason.

This means you ought to listen more than you speak. Learn the art of holding a mature conversation, and you’d be surprised at how much attention you’d get when it’s your turn to speak.

12. Always running late

man in black suit jacket holding black leather bag
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This is one unhealthy habit to avoid before you hit 30. Nobody wants to associate with people they can’t depend on. Many people have lost life-changing chances because they lack punctuality. You should consider working on yourself if you’re in the habit of running late to meetings, events, or essential gatherings.

It would be best if you cultivated the habit of being on time. You can try to prepare all you need before going to bed. Wake up earlier than you used to, and be at the place that needs your attention at least 30 minutes before the usual time.

13. Not working out

Physical exercise doesn’t only keep you fit; it helps to sharpen the mind. You don’t want to be 30 with a massive pot belly, do you? It doesn’t take a soothsayer to know that not working out is an unhealthy habit.

A simple stroll in the park, some pushups, a few situps, and planking can make a lot of difference. As we grow older, it is vital to maintain a good but simple workout routine. The good thing is, you don’t have to overdo any program to get noticeable results.

14. Indecision

This is one unhealthy habit that many young individuals face. It has become a norm to be told by our parents what to do, what to wear, how to talk, how to eat, and how to carry out simple to complex routines. This is an essential aspect of our lives that helps us carve our personalities.

However, not many people know how to decide for themselves as they become of age. This unhealthy habit has some individuals stuck in situations that require immediate attention. You must be able to make your own decisions before you reach 30.

15. Living in a toxic environment

The forces that surround us have a way of influencing us either negatively or positively. Living or working in a toxic environment can lead to several mental health complications that can include anxiety, insomnia, depression, and in some cases, suicide.

Young people who are exposed to this type of environment can pass aggression to their loved ones. It would be best to consider changing your environment as soon as possible to be on the safe side.

30 is a significant number, and many decisions before that age would help determine the kind of person you would grow to become. You must maintain good mental and physical health and make a habit of it. Rome wasn’t built in a day but you can start putting things in order before you get too busy or too lazy.

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