7 things to do if you want your profile approved by Upwork

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Getting your profile approved by Upwork used to be easy, but with time, more freelancers emerged, of which some are partially ready for the job or ain’t ready at all. The Upwork profile approval process is not manually done, unlike what the freelancers think. 

Profiles created are automatically approved through an algorithm process, and that’s why if Upwork has turned you down, there is still room for improvement and you to try again. For your profile to be approved by Upwork, you need to understand the basic criteria they need from you to stand a chance of getting accepted.

One thing you must avoid is the Upwork approval services; these set of people help you get your profile approved by Upwork through the breaching of Upwork’s terms and conditions. Once this is done, your account, which has been approved before, will be suspended or even deactivated.

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how to get your profile approved by Upwork

Here are a few tips on how to get your profile approved by Upwork

 Sign up with a professional email address

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The first step to getting your profile approved by Upwork is to sign up with a professional mail address, which is your business mail and not your personal mail. Using a business mail is highly recommended because it makes you look more professional and make them know how serious you are about it.

If you are trying to create a profile with your personal mail and it keeps showing you to get a free account, that’s a sign you need to create a business email for yourself because nothing else will be accepted.

 Selecting the maximum number of categories

Once you are done signing up, and your email has been verified, the other step you need in creating your profile is to select a main category and subcategories you are likely to fit in or work in. 

It is advised you settle down and choose the category and the subcategories that follow or fall under them, ensuring to pick the maximum options you fit in. This explains your professional diversification, qualifications, and experience over time, making you fit to handle their clients.

 Outline all your skills

Most people tend to go overboard with this, but I bet you that isn’t really necessary.  Once you are done choosing the subcategories you want to work in, the next step is to outline all your skills. While trying to outline your skills, you would be given various options to pick from by Upwork.

Mind you; this doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with it; all you need to do is select the skills you know you are good with that fit you perfectly and hover to the next step.

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 Show Experience level

When using a platform like Upwork to work as a freelancer, you have to ensure you don’t undervalue your experience by clicking on Entry-level when choosing experience level. Not only will this make clients turn you down, but it will also show how unprepared you are for your freelancing job.

One point to note is that you should include all forms of experience you have got that is in sync with the service you are offering at Upwork and even educational qualifications attained both informal and formal. Most clients may decide to check while others may not.

If you have gained some experience before, you can choose the intermediate level, and if you haven’t, it’s better you hold on, get some experience before beginning this freelancing journey.

 Completing your profile

Your profile picture, overview, title, rate, portfolio, employment history, and educational qualification are what make your profile 100% complete. While completing your profile, you should bear in mind that your aim is to show how serious you are about the Upwork platform.

While working on your profile picture, you don’t really need to go a long mile looking for an extra professional photo of yourself. You can get simply get a clear picture that looks ok.

 The next step in completing your profile is your title. Picking a general title would only make the clients see you as one of the others. You need to choose a title that Stands out from others as the title is a very sacrosanct part of the profile.

 Your rates

Your experience level, most times unintentionally, gives a client an idea of what your rate can be. You can devalue your service and skills by settling for a minimum rate and at the same time avoid making your rates too high as that may chase away most clients.

Refining your categories

Upwork might decide to reject your account based on the categories you chose. This usually happens when they don’t have openings for your skills at the time.

All you need to do is change your categories and subcategories to suit your service. You can change your categories by clicking on your profile setting button at the upper right corner of the page.

Here are some facts to know about Upwork

1.  Getting approval from Upwork is mostly automated; there are still humans involved in the process, so ensure to complete your profile so you stand out from others. A good profile can get the attention of the human mind involved in the approval process.

 2. Your Upwork profile could be rejected if you inputted mega easy jobs that clients can easily get anywhere

 3.  The supply rate of freelancers is more than the demand needed. This simply refers to the fact that a half percent of freelancers who register on the Upwork platforms have experience only on mega easy jobs like copywriting, web designing, etc. Most times, what the client needs would not be a copywriter or web designer and a whole lot of other skills available, and this is what leads to their profile being rejected

 4.  You can get your profile approved by Upwork instantly only if your skills, location, and categories are what is needed by Upwork. The highest it takes for you to get feedback is 24hours

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