Making A Great Website: 10 Features To Have

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Making a great website is one of the best ways to put your business out there. Nonetheless, knowing the right features to include in a website is one common issue many website developers face.

No business owner wants their services to go unnoticed. This is why a website must have all the right features. This article covers all you need to know about making a great website with the right features.

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1. Design

A good design is what makes a website appealing to visitors. Without that, it simply looks basic, and this can dampen your website’s appeal.

Making a great website doesn’t require an in-depth touch. The right color combination, proper templates, and font styles may just be the push your site needs.


2. CTA

Knowing what CTA (Call To Action) means is one way to making a great website. This is a feature that prompts your visitor to take specific actions on your website.

A “Call To Action” prompt on your website may include (Register Now, Download, or Click To Read). The easiest way to make your website CTA recognizable is to focus on attractive designs.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Making your website search optimized is one of the surest ways to getting noticed online. SEO ensures that your website gets constant traffic via search engines.

You must incorporatee SEO into your website as soon as you start building it. This is because it is a bit tasking to build up SEO in a short span.

People with minimal knowledge about Search Engine Optimization can take advantage of SEO courses. There are also free resources online that can help boost your SEO.

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4. Incorporate links

Links are the quickest ways to help users navigate sites easily. They are an essential feature when making a great website comes to play. Not only are links perfect for Search Engine Optimization, but it also provides a better user experience.

This can include links to other sites or posts or pages on your site. Visitors can see more on your website if contents are interlinked for more straightforward navigation. Linking downloadable or free offers can be a sure way to improve the user experience on your site.

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5. User Experience

Whether it’s to inspire, educate, help, or sell to people who visit your site, it is best to make your website easily accessible. Ensuring that users can quickly navigate your site with no hassle is the fastest way to creating a good website.

One way to provide a fantastic user experience is to know what your customers are looking for. Make sure what users see on your homepage is very catchy. Consider these factors and include them on your website.

6. Keep it simple

A great website should be as simple as simple gets. It’s essential to avoid complications or information mix-ups. Also, avoid color clashes and text rush that may confuse your visitors.

The goal is to have a website with clear and direct information that doesn’t stress your audience.

7. Easy to Read

Every site owner should consider their audience when building one. What you feed your website visitors matters a lot, and you should consider what they see or read on your platform.

Good readability makes a great website, and it covers how easy it is to read the content on your site. This doesn’t imply that you should oversimplify what you are selling.

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8. Provide fresh topics

Maintain a consistent inflow of fresh content on your website if you don’t want to bore your audience. This doesn’t imply that you have to make this a daily routine; nonetheless, new content from time to time would help keep your visitors engaged. Nobody wants to go to a mall to see the same thing over and over again.

When a website is being updated continuously, it helps its SEO rankings. It also lets visitors know that the site is still very active.



There are several devices in the tech industry that users use in accessing the internet. These devices can range from laptops to desktops, tablets, smartphones, and many more. A website is great if it’s responsive to these devices without any complications.

A site that isn’t responsive may get more bad reviews and fewer visitors. This is not good for business in any way. Amazingly, many website developers prioritize website responsiveness to mobile and desktop devices.

10. Security

No one wants to visit a site that has compromised security. We all need safety, especially if the information we are supplying is extremely sensitive. Some e-commerce websites request banking details, while others demand for home addresses.

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Not many people feel comfortable entering this data into a website with inadequate security. Making a great website should include an updated SSL certificate.

Making a great website is no cakewalk, but it isn’t as complicated as it sounds, either. The points mentioned above should be firmly considered if you want to maintain an excellent online presence.

Sites like Google, Facebook, and many other responsive platforms on the internet all follow the rules and regulations in this article; why shouldn’t yours?


What makes a good website? – Goatsontheroad

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