Best Sites to Get Copywriting Jobs and More!

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It is easier than ever to find well-paying copywriting jobs due to an increasing need for better copywriters from clients. That’s good news for you if you are looking to get into the copywriting business.

You may gain more experience by taking more professional courses and taking on copywriting jobs full time. So, today, I would like to show you the best websites you can get copywriting jobs or for advancing your copywriting career, as well as tips on getting copywriting jobs. The best sites to get copywriting jobs are listed below:

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Contena is one of the best forums to get copywriting jobs and other kinds of writing work. Contena not only has a great job board, but they also have tools to help you launch a freelancer company — including your early work, a business plan, and business creation.


If you don’t have the time to find new copywriting jobs, or you want to write as a side hustle, or you’re a full-time freelancer, SolidGigs is there for you. SolidGigs’ teams select thousands of self-employed and remote workplaces (including many of those listed) and only filter out the 1-2% of the top workers. They also have classes, models, scripts, and other tools to get your first job quickly.


It would help if you considered FlexJobs when you are looking for copywriting jobs that are versatile and customized to your unique situation. On the FlexJobs website, you can sort jobs according to all sorts of parameters, such as place (including remote jobs), time commitments (part-time, freelance, full-time), copywriting, and other relevant categories.


The workboard of Problogger primarily consists of a job for bloggers but also includes copywriting tasks. That is because there is a constant blurring of publishing written content and marketing advertising.

On occasion, a blog post is often a well-disguised marketing piece that attempts to persuade a reader to take some commercial activity. You won’t find profit-oriented copywriting jobs on Problogger if you can go masterfully in the line between publishing and marketing writing.


ClearVoice is another website that you may want to try when looking for copywriting work. Like the previous site on this list, ClearVoice has a lot of blogging-related writing jobs, but because it is a fully functional marketing option, copywriting jobs are also available.


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You may also want to try out your next job in CreativeJobs Central. CreativeJobs Central was launched as a job board for college students who sought access to high-quality jobs coming out of school. Since then, it has evolved into innovative jobs of a wide range of quality.


With a subtlety lack of a name, it’ll be easy to see why GetCopywritingJobs is included in our site list. They aim to link quality companies and customers to the right freelancers and writers through copywriting jobs.

How do you get your first job?

I recommend you start little when seeking copywriting jobs if you are new to copywriting. Because a copywriting project always has a lot to do, businesses prefer to recruit and pay more experienced copywriters. This does not imply that you can’t start copywriting by finding a few new jobs to start your copywriter career. I want to take a couple of quick steps to get your first jobs:

  • Check the workboards.
  • Identify some copywriting jobs which pay lower fees because the contest is lower, and the customer is more likely to start with the new copywriters.
  • Pitch the clients or businesses hiring for this copywriting work.
  • Track your pitches (the majority of gigs are won on the follow-up).
  • In addition to small copywriting works, try doing pro-bono jobs to obtain copywriting experience and build a career.

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7 Best Sites to Find Copywriting Jobs – millo

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