Top in-demand freelance skills

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Developing freelance skills has never been more important than now. In 2020, the working world saw a number of changes, but maybe none will last as long as the rise of freelance work. As businesses adjusted their strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they sought out skilled freelancers to assist them in meeting new goals. As a result of job shortages or layoffs, many people turned to remote freelancing to supplement their income. Freelancers now account for a substantial and growing part of the workforce.

If you’re a freelancer or thinking of becoming one, it’s critical to be aware of the most in-demand skills that will lead to the best freelance work opportunities.

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Freelancing may be the future of creative work as we know it, so let’s look at the top in-demand freelance skills that aspiring freelancers or professional freelancers should learn to advance their careers this year.

Here are some of the top in-demand freelance skills, and they include:

Web and Mobile Development

This is one of the top in-demand freelance skills out there. The growth of global e-commerce has made it necessary for almost every company to establish an online presence. Furthermore, the Internet provides enormous opportunities for small and large businesses to expand and thrive in new markets around the world.

As a result, web and mobile developers are in high demand. The digital and online marketing community relies heavily on web and mobile growth. Web and mobile developers will become increasingly in demand as e-commerce expands. This is partly due to the widespread use of smartphones to access the Internet and other services such as mobile banking, online shopping, and other similar services. As a result, app developers are in high demand.

Apps are used for almost every online function that can be performed on a smartphone. Anyone who works in this field as a freelancer will find that their services are in high demand right now.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Today, social media is more than just a place to pass the time, it is among the top in-demand freelance skills. Companies use it for marketing their goods and managing public relations efficiently. Almost every company, large or small, has multiple profiles on various social media platforms.

While it may appear to be a simple task, social media management is a demanding job that necessitates extensive social media expertise. You must not only monitor and manage the content but also the audience’s feedback. A social media handler’s job is to do just that.

A social media handler is a person who represents and oversees a company’s entire online presence. The demand for social media handlers has grown even faster as the value of the Internet has risen day by day.

You can make a full-time career out of social media management if you can keep up with what’s happening online and have a solid understanding of social media and SEO.

Web Designing

Web designing has dominated the freelance job market for a long time and will continue to do so in the coming years, as it is one of the top in-demand freelance skills presently. This is due to an increase in global e-commerce. Small and large businesses that do not have a strong online presence will struggle to survive in the coming years. As a result, there is a rush to have one or more websites.

Furthermore, web designing is a freelance skill that is in high demand right now due to the low cost of purchasing a domain name, website hosting, and other necessities. Aside from companies, many high-net-worth people create websites for personal use, such as a personal blog or fanfare outreach.

Graphics Designing

Graphic design has always been a skill that has thrived in the freelancing world, and this is because it is one of the top in-demand freelance skills. Even as you read this article, a large number of freelancers are working on high-profile projects for some of the world’s most well-known brands. Crowd-sourcing makes this easier. The fact that almost every crowd-sourcing platform on the Internet accepts freelancers proves that graphic design is a top freelance skill in demand right now.

According to surveys conducted around the world, graphic design is a task that will increasingly be outsourced to freelancers in the future. Companies do not always need the services of a graphic designer. Additionally, because everyone has a different style, sourcing work from freelancers allows companies to get newer types of designs to suit their needs.

Internet Research

This is among the top in-demand freelance skills. The field of internet research is enormous. It entails conducting research into freely available data on the Internet, as the term implies. It also includes data analytics, which is the process of analyzing data obtained by different websites.

The e-commerce sector includes internet research and all related fields. As a result, anyone with these capabilities will be in high demand right now. The most in-demand Internet research skills right now are browsing through large amounts of data and designing websites that provide more precise, workable, and provable content.

Analyzing website metrics such as the number of unique visitors and their location, preference for a time or day, product or service, and time spent on the website, among other things, are among the other tasks.

Content Writer

Content writing is also among the top in-demand freelance skills right now. The job is extremely difficult. It entails extensive research, keeping up with news and current events, a high level of understanding, and general knowledge, in addition to excellent writing skills and expert-level fluency in English or another major language.

In conclusion, although content writing appears to be easy, it is a difficult profession for any freelancer looking to make a decent living in this highly competitive field. A quick search on any good freelance jobs website would discover that content writers are in high demand. This is due to the fact that companies and blogs need high-quality content that is both distinctive and engaging to readers. Despite the fact that India is not an English-speaking country, overseas customers have a high demand for content writers.

Data Entry

Data entry is a skill that many people have. In fact, it is extremely simple and can be completed by almost anyone with a basic command of the English language and computer skills. Regardless, it is one of the most in-demand freelance skills right now. Despite the fact that data entry is a very simple job, it is very popular worldwide to make a lot of money.

Data entry usually necessitates a fast typing speed. It also necessitates precision. While many data entry jobs are available, top foreign and Indian employers prefer those with exceptional skills. Working as a freelance data entry operator is a very profitable job nowadays. In addition, there are a number of crowdsourced data entry projects available nowadays.


Editors do not always refer to those who work for newspapers or magazines. Different companies need different types of freelance editors. Video editors are at the top of the list. This is because, in order to reach their target audience, many companies nowadays create a free YouTube channel. Blog editors, who can edit content, insert keywords, and make it search engine optimized, are another skill in high demand right now.

Companies with in-house magazines are also on the lookout for freelance editors. They don’t need full-time editors because their publications are published on a monthly or quarterly basis. As a result, they hire freelancers to do the job.


The Indian government’s Make in India and Skill India programs has prompted many foreign companies to look for talent in India. These businesses seek freelancers who can assist them in meeting their human resource needs by hiring and choosing the best candidates for a position. The IT industry has the highest demand, followed by medicine and engineering.

Freelance recruiters are usually experts in their field. They are aware of the industry’s needs as well as emerging trends. As a result, their services are useful when a company wants to enter the Indian market or needs professionals to work on international projects. It is currently one of the most in-demand freelance skills among both Indian and international businesses.


Small and medium businesses have been unable to purchase or lease their own offices due to rising real estate prices. As a result, they have to work out of much smaller spaces. Regular employees are encouraged to work from home, and a number of other critical tasks are outsourced to freelancers, either individually or as crowd-sourced projects.

Accounting is one of the most in-demand freelance skills right now because companies can’t afford to hire full-time employees at their offices. Small and medium firms don’t need full-time accountants to keep track of their finances on a daily basis. As a result, they look for freelancers who can carry out these tasks.

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Many professionals have quit their full-time jobs to start their own freelance consulting firms. It not only allows practitioners to have more flexibility and work, but it also allows them to earn extra money.

Law, architecture, various streams of engineering, marketing and advertising, financial management, and human resources development are among the top consultancies in the freelance industry. Running a consultancy, regardless of specialization, is a freelance skill that is in high demand right now. Foreign companies interested in establishing operations in India seek local consultants who can provide the necessary advice and services.


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