5 Best 120-Hours TEFL Courses

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You may be wondering which TEFL certificate to get if you want to start teaching English as a foreign language. Being certified as a TEFL teacher gives you an edge when applying for English teaching jobs online. Many aspiring teachers select a 120-hour TEFL course because it meets foreign hiring criteria, can be completed efficiently, and is relatively inexpensive. Although several online TEFL courses are chosen, this article will concentrate on the best 120-hour certificates.

What Is A TEFL Certificate?

TEFL Certificate

A TEFL certification permits you to teach English as a foreign language in a classroom setting or online. The majority of people who seek TEFL certifications aspire to teach English in a new country or for an online education platform remotely. Students must complete a TEFL training course to receive this credential. Online, in-person, or a combination of both training courses are available. Although what is learned varies depending on the company you select, most 120-hour TEFL courses online cover the same introductory to TEFL teaching materials and strategies.

How Long Does It Take Complete a TEFL Course Online?

Naturally, some students can progress through the content more quickly than others. However, these estimates will help you estimate how long it will take you to complete the course.

Every TEFL course has a set number of hours associated with it. These hours correspond to the time it is expected that a student would take to complete the course.

A 50-hour TEFL course, for example, will take you 50 hours to complete, a 120-hour TEFL course will take you 120 hours, and a 300-hour course will take you 300 hours.

Why Should I Consider A 120-Hour TEFL Course?

You’ve probably seen a wide range of TEFL courses when doing your homework. It isn’t easy to know which course is right for you, with choices ranging from super-short, low-cost 20-hour courses to massive, high-cost 300-hour courses.

A 120-hour TEFL course is a good starting point because:

  • Many employers expect candidates to have a 120-hour TEFL certificate to apply for teaching jobs abroad. This is frequently a prerequisite for the processing of job contracts and visas.
  • You’ll still obtain a comprehensive TEFL education, but it won’t be as demanding as more advanced programs. You’ll always be eligible to teach in other countries so that it won’t cost you a fortune.
  • You could not be eligible for employment in some countries if you have a degree with fewer hours, which might mean fewer teaching opportunities.

A 120-hour course is, therefore, less costly than a higher-level course for many people. It also takes less time to complete than a course with more hours, which is ideal if you want to get started teaching right away on a tight budget.

What you would learn from a 120-hour TEFL course

TEFL Courses

Online 120-hour TEFL courses are commonly used as an introduction to TEFL teaching. Topics discussed in most 120-hour TEFL courses include:

  • How can grammar, spelling, reading, and writing be taught?
  • What are the best way to teach speaking and listening skills?
  • Planning a lesson
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Management of the classroom and teaching approaches

As you’ll see below, some services provide features such as actual classroom video clips, work selection assistance, portfolio development and assessment, and one-on-one interactive tutoring. If getting more support is crucial to you, look for a course that includes a mentoring aspect.

Best 120 Hour TEFL Courses

What are the best online 120-hour TEFL courses? These are the top-rated, certified, legal, and affordable 120-hour TEFL courses available online right now:


One of the most accessible 120-hour TEFL courses available is MyTEFL. They offer lower-hour options but keep in mind that most TEFL employers need a minimum of 120 hours.

MyTEFL’s courses are fully accredited. Students can take their 120-hour TEFL course online or in-person at exciting locations all over the world. They provide 120-hour TEFL courses in person, in countries like Argentina, Spain, or Thailand, and you will get your certification in 3-4 weeks. Digital support and assistance are also included in MyTEFL courses if requested.

MyTEFL has consistently received positive feedback, and it is often cited as the cheapest, most affordable TEFL on the market. They charge $299 for a 120-hour online TEFL course.

2. TEFL Pros

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

TEFL Pros is only offering one course, which is a 120-hour fully online TEFL course. TEFL Pros was founded by two ladies who focus all of their energy to create a robust TEFL education packed with all necessary features on this one program.

Teachers will watch hours of actual classroom videos with TEFL Pros. This helps them to see how TEFL principles are implemented in the real world. According to past student feedback, these training videos significantly benefited them in their actual classrooms.

In the TEFL Pros program, you are required to create a portfolio that contains lesson plans that you can use in the first classroom. TEFL Pros will assess this portfolio at the end of the course. Students receive input on their portfolio bits, allowing them to feel comfortable implementing their lessons and activities.

TEFL Pros has outstanding student ratings due to their attention to detail. The only disadvantage is that they do not have work placement assistance or promises. However, they do provide graduates with interview training videos and a list of vetted schools and businesses.

The TEFL Pros course will set you back $349. If you’re on the fence about TEFL, they give an accessible 2-day Introduction to TEFL Training that you can take to see if it’s right for you.

3. i-to-i TEFL

I-to-I TEFL has been in business since 1994 and is a fully certified TEFL company. Their 120-hour introductory TEFL course is inexpensive, and it comes with six free ebooks to aid you in your future teaching jobs. Also, students can obtain input and guidance from trained tutors at any time during the course. The 120-hour online courses are reportedly $349. However, i-to-i regularly offers deals, and you can check the i-to-i TEFL website regularly for exclusive offers and steep discounts.


Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

ITTT’s 120-hour online TEFL training contains 20 in-depth lessons. The program recognizes the individual difference of each student, and its curriculum is self-paced. One of the best things about ITTT is that students have two options: Students can either take the TEFL course independently or take the TEFL course with access to a virtual tutor and premium training videos.

ITTT also provides tools to assist you in finding work after you complete the course.

With its features that allow you to learn to teach English as a foreign language with the aid of a virtual teacher and premium training lessons, you can tailor the amount of training you need without paying for more if you don’t want to by providing two levels of help.

The 120-hour online TEFL course costs $349 without a mentor or recordings and costs $399, with the inclusion of extra videos and virtual tutor support.

5. The TEFL Org

The TEFL Organization provides a 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course that you can complete at your speed. They offer a 120-hour course with a live, hands-on virtual classroom portion feature. They also offer online and combination courses.

For their online courses, they teach modules on grammar and language use and teaching methodologies. They also have five video observation lessons that cover a variety of real-world situations in the classroom.

In these courses, students can also learn how to teach large groups and over the internet. The TEFL Org online course gives students six months to complete all of the lesson materials. Students also have access to an online mentor for additional assistance. The 120-hour online TEFL course costs $509 on average. However, TEFL Org often offers a 50% off discount.

On the other hand, students in the Combination course work through the course material at their own pace before gathering in a virtual classroom to practice teaching and gain practical experience.

Since the classroom sessions are live, it’s essential to double-check that they fit into your schedule before enrolling. The TEFL Org hybrid course gives students five months to complete all of the course materials. If you want to get hands-on teaching experience without having to leave your house, the combined course is for you.

All materials, live sessions, and a letter of recommendation from your virtual classroom teacher are included in this package. The Combination Course costs $709 on average, but TEFL Org often offers 50% off discounts.

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