About Us

Koleolat is a youth-focused lifestyle blog that addresses important topical issues that bother young people. In our society today, young people always seem to be closed up and not ready to associate with or talk to adults.


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Our story

The problem is not that young people do not want to talk to adults or someone who might understand them, but it is these role models, and mentors are not there for them, they are not just available.

In reality, youths and young adults are faced with many challenges – psychological, socio-economical, spiritual, medical, academical, relational, marital, which they actually want to share with someone older or more experienced. But many times, they cannot find any.

Being in such a situation, many of these young people have become confused, lost hope and abandoned their good dreams. In some extreme situations, some of them are depressed, and find it so difficult to come out of it. 

In truth, young people deserve a fair hearing. They need to be listened to. They need to be guided. They need to be journeyed with. They need to be accompanied.

That is why Koleolat was created. It is a platform where young people can be listened to, attended to, and cared for. It seeks to empower young people and guide them in maximizing their potentials and creates an avenue for them to express themselves and to ask questions.

It also offers a holistic accompaniment for young people on their road to greatness.